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The VideoPresenteR provides random access to any song in the database. You can search for and display any song by title or lyrics and project it within moments. Unlike PowerPoint, you have total control over all of your church projection needs. The software provides over 400 custom graphic backgrounds including gradients, scenes and special inspirational venues. This feature alone is worth several hundred dollars. It's free with Songbase. The 12 year old child of one of our customers learned this program in 15 minutes.

The VideoPresenteR offers many features including random song and verse selection. When placed on a system with dual monitors SongBase instantly recognizes the second monitor.

   Sample Screens

Video Controller

The Video Controller is used to select and format songs for projection. The controller has 5 tabbed pages that permit the control and formatting of songs.

The Verse Controller gives you access to all verses in all songs at once. Just click a verse to display it.

Verse Controller

Video Screen PREVIEW tab

View an approximation of what the projector is displaying



Here you can click on any given verse in the current song to display it in the projector



Here is where you preset the format of each song. Fonts and colors are handled here as well as the positions of text on the screen. All of these features are avaialabe through HOT-KEYS as well.



Select a background for the current song. Select a default background for the whole show. The same feature are available for the selection of video loops


Video SETUP tab

Here is where you setup the resolution for projection and determine whether you have dual monitors active. You can also format the entire song lyrics database to display in a certain way for ALL or for SELECTED song titles.

   VideoPresenteR Features

  -Real-Time on-screen scaling for font size, vertical/horizontal justify and margins
  -Display all songs at once with verses on Primary Monitor - click in verse frame to display
Display lyrics for any song in the database instantly - press F12
Instantly recall any number of pre-selected song lists - press F8
Display any song or verse in the set list at random
Display one verse at a time or display 2 verses at a time (for translated foreign language)
Display more than one verse at a time for Sermon notes (bulleted lines)
Over 200 custom graphic backgrounds
Select a different background for each song
Select a default background for entire show
More free backgrounds available from our site
Present "time looped" slide shows for announcements
Change font sizes on-the-fly with the Plus and Minus keys
Access any verse in a song by typing a number
  -Laptop friendly - all keyboard driven (mouse driven also)
  - 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 and HD 1366x768 resolution
  -Justify text left, right or centered
  -Display a "Nursery Number" to alert parents (other settings for different emergencies)
  -Scrolling ticker at base of screen for pre-service announcements
  -Display MPEG video loops and Flash Animations behind lyrics
  -Display words in Rich Text Format (Bold, Color, Italics, Underline)
  -Instantly access bible verses on the fly with our built-in BIBLE EXPLORER (KJV and NASB free)

   Sample Projections