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   Utility Files

Certain utility files are required in order to run SongBase on certain computers. On some systems certain files have been removed either by virus action or by user activity. In some cases the versions of some applications like Internet Explorer are too old for SongBase. The following files are made available to users who have an understanding of how to download and install files from the Internet.

DISCLAIMER: Many of these files were created by other software companies such as Microsoft. We do not take any responsibilty for their affects on your system.

MDAC 2.8 Files
In order ffor Windows to operate correctly all of the M icrosoft D ata A ccess C omponents files must be synchronized as far as version goes. If SongBase is acting strange or not at all, you can solve the problem by first running the START > PROGRAMS>SONGBASE>SBCLEANUP application and then install the MDAC 2.8 file. Note: Systems with Service Pack 2 for XP do not require these MDAC files and will inform you of that when you try to install MDAC.

Windows Media Player for Win 98/XP/2000
SongBase uses the new Media Player 9.0 for playing video loops in the VideoPresenteR so you should make sure you have it. Be careful to download the correct Meddia Player for your operating system.

Internet Explorer 6.0
SongBase uses IE 6.0 to run the Video Presenter so you must have it installed. Although IE 5.5 is fine we feel you should have 6.0 just becasue it's the most recent version - and it's free of course.

Snap Viewer 9.0
Snap Viewer is required in order to create and view chord charts that are being emailed to a person who does not have SongBase. As long as both of you have Snap Viewer installed you can share your charts. Alternatively you can install PDF995 from and print your charts to the PDF printer and email the charts that way. Most people will already have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed anyways.

Codecs for Layer 2 MPEG (Create SYSTEM RESTORE POINT before installing)
Some people cannot display the higher resolution MPEG Layer 2 movies that we sell. These movies are 640x480 instead of 320x200. If you can't display the high res movies then you can try this codec.

SongBase Fonts
In case you have lost your SongBase fonts you can install them again. This is a ZIP file so you'll need WIZIP to open this file. Copy the True Type fonts to your Windows/fonts folder. They should register automatically in XP and 2000.

Graphics Filters
Some systems don't have the proper graphics filters to display JPEG images in Songbase. These Microsoft Office filters are installed into the Microsoft Shared tools folder. They will overwrite existing filters but should not cause any harm.

   Free Video Background Images

These are the backgrounds we have been using in SongBase for the past 5 years.

126 Backgrounds from 2006 (12 Megs) NEW
Scenes Borders Floral Crosses Designs01 Designs02

200 Backgrounds from 2005 (11Megs)
Download Calvary Chapel Backgrounds - Creates C:\sb2000\backgrounds\calvary01 and calvary02

   Free Video Loop Media Files

Video Loops to be stored in "movies" sub-folder of SongBase Media folder
Save these files to you MOVIES FOLDER in C:\songbasexp\media\movies

To attach to a song in the VideoPresenter use ALT-F3 and click the yellow file folder icon to locate the mpg file.