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Before you contact us...please have the following information ready:
Product ID Number (a 10 digit number that came in the SongBase package)
SongBase Version (a number like 3.14.04 or 3.16.09 etc.
Windows Version (XP, Pro, 2000 or VISTA and the install Windows SERVICE PACK version)
What were you trying to do when the error occurred?

NOTE: Virtually all problems that people have had can be corrected
by downloading and reinstalling the full version of SongBase.

Most Frequent Support calls

Transfer and Activate SongBase on a different computer.
Import my old songs into the new computer?
Logging onto LIVE UPDATES - Invalid Password or Cancelled
1. Telephone support 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time (Like California) Monday to Friday.
Call 1-800-717-7833 You must be a PLAN2005 or LIFE SAVER PLAN member or have purchased a site license for Songbase within the past 30 days. Email support is free but can be time consuming and slower.

2. FEEDBACK button in SongBase for short requests that can be easily typed

3. Email for longer more difficult questions. If you know how you can also send a screen shot of the error.

4. Try our KNOWLEDGE BASE and FAQ to answer questions (we are still adding to this daily)

5. Most of the common questions can be answered by reading the quick start manual that came with the program.



How to download LIVE UPDATES
Connect a PDF document with a song
Dual Display Setup



While SongBase has been bug-free for several years we still have users with problems that arise.
This is due largely to Windows environment changes. Users will unknowingly install various
software updates and upgrades that change the common files on their system. SongBase
which is built using Microsoft Access is dependent on certain versions of these "common" files
remaining unchanged.

Our most common current issue right now is INTERNET EXPLORER 7 which some gets installed
without the user knowning. If you accept all Microsoft updates blindly you will get IE 7 whether you want
it or not and this will cause the video side (among other things) to stop working.


Here are the most common problems our user call about:


Error – ‘Access has encountered an Error and needs to Close'

You have installed Internet Explorer 7 or have Windows Vista on your computer. This error comes whenever you are trying to access the Internet through SongBase. The internet features are; Activation,, LIVE UPDATES, Video Text Editor Verse Controller

SOLUTION: If you are running XP and have IE 7 then you have 2 choices. You can simply uninstall IE 7 or you can download and run our "Vista" upgrade for SongBase. If you have Vista then you only have ONE choice and that is to download and install our "Vista" upgrade. Get The upgrade it's easier to do. Please remember that if you are not on our annual support plan there may be a cost involved for the upgrade. Call 1-800-717-7833 to make sure before you download the upgrade.

Access 2003 Issues

If you have OFFICE 2003 PREMIUM then you have Access 2003. Songbase which is written with Access 2002 uses the Access 2002 runtime on your machine. This version of Access 2002 will not work on a machine that has Access 2003 present.

1) SongBase will not open when I click on the ICON

2) all kinds of weird errors occur when click on different buttons

3) Front Page Error

SOLUTION: You could completely uninstall OFFICE and then reinstall it without Access 2003 but that is difficult and does not always work so here is a better way. You will have to use you version of Access 2003 to load SongBase. This is easily done by changing our ICON properties for the TARGET. See This Article in our KnowledgeBase.

Access 2007 Issues

NO SOLUTION: If you have OFFICE 2007 PREMIUM you have Access 2007. This is a real problem for some users. SongBase will either run on this type of machine or it will not even open. If that is the case then you will not be able to run SongBase on that machine. Thank you very much Microsoft!

SongBase is taking a long time to open SETUP or is running Slow

SOLUTION: You have too many fonts on their computer and SongBase is trying to read them all. Check to see if you have anywhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 fonts. If so, they need to delete some. you only really need 200 fonts. You can remove unneeded fonts but this can cause severe problems if you delete any of the standard Windows fonts. Here is a list of the fonts you SHOLD have for sure.. Thank you Kay!

Error Message When Activating Songbase “The Microsoft database engine cannot find the input table or query "LIB." Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly."

SOLUTION: – This error comes usually because they have gone into SONGS before Activating and it is looking for the Song Library but it has already placed it there. Simply click ‘ok' and then CONTINUE TO SETUP.

Error – Jet database can't find Verse background

SOLUTION: You have copied your old database into the new SongBase instead of Manually Importing the database in. This error doesn't show up immediately, but down the road it usually does.
1. Be sure to retain a copy of your original database.
2. Re-install SongBase (this will replace the old database with the proper version)
3. Use The Correct Import Procedure in the KnowledgeBase.
4. You should finish up by running the OPTIMIZE feature. SETUP > Data Paths Tab > Optimize Data

Opening SongBase gives a Grey Screen

SOLUTION: You have installed a very old version of SongBase 3.14 or older will not run on the newer versions of Windows. You will need to install the upgrade. If you have not been on our support plan please call for pricing as the cost will depend on how old your version is.
1. Uninstall the old version of SongBase
2. Install the newest version (if you are not on the "Plan" then you can call1-800-717-7833
or email jenny "at" We will look up your account and determine your upgrade status.

Running the Installation suddenly halts in the middle of the operation

This is caused by a CRC error and that means your downloaded file has a glitch. This happens on slower Internet connections.
SOLUTION: Download the file again and retry the installation. Try downloading during off hours. Our server is on Toronto time.

How do I Activate SongBase?

When you move SongBase from one computer to a newer machine the hard drive serial number is changed. The old code for the old computer will not work on the new machine. Please call or email us for a new Activation Code.
SOLUTION: Please read this information in our KnowledgeBase. Also look in our beginning pages of the manual which is located on-line.