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   Simple User Interface

The highly simplified system used for displaying data, lyrics and chord charts makes SongBase very easy to learn.

SongBase uses a system that prevents the user from having to leave one screen and go to another in order to perform a task such as edit text. All functions are performed from one user interface.

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   What is SongBase?

SongBase is a software program consisting of 2 programs built into one. These programs are accompanied with a large set of guitar chord charts and video projection text for each song. Select a set of songs from the listing and print the charts for a worship service. Your selected songs are ready for video projection. Assign background images to individual songs and format the text as desired.

SongBase let's you organize your work and save you hours of time.

With it's simple user interface you'll be up and running within minutes. Add to that, our on-line tutorials and comprehensive user guide you will soon master the program. We provide 1-800 support as well.

SongBase incorporates sophisticated programming to provide you with all the features a worship leader needs. The only difficulty we ever have with SongBase is trying to explain all the things it can do for a worship leader.

Designed by worship leaders who understand the need. Many hours of consulting and testing the software makes SongBase the most usable and easy-to-learn tool available.

   Some SongBase Features

- Comes with a stock library of popular chord charts and video lyrics
- Built-in Video Projection software (Go to VideoPresenteR)
- Built-in chord transposer
- Song duplicator
- Play a 20 second audio clip for each song
- Built-in guitar tuner
- Enter and edit new songs and their chord charts
- Edit all existing songs in the database
- Locate any song by title, author, tempo, key, style, usage
- Locate any song by album and track number
- Print chord charts and lyrics in many formats
- Group a set of songs into 5 easily recalled groups
- Assign any number of songs to the Medley Maker
- Recall a Medley of songs to reprint them
- Recall a Medley of songs instantly for digital display
- Add, edit, or correct and song on-the-fly
- Record song activity to prevent overuse
- Prepare annual CCLI report in minutes
- Export and import song files with other SongBase users
- Export songs as a text file for emailing
- Automated Backup upon exiting