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The BASIC edition consists of the SongBase and VideoPresenteR software and 350 of the top Vineyard worship songs and hundreds of Public Domain Hymns. Each Vineyard song includes the lyrics, chord chart and video text as well as a 20 second mp3 audio sample. Each song is linked to it's source album picture which is also linked to a web site for purchase. It is suggested you consider the purchase of our LIFE SAVER Support package in order to receive proper training for selected staff members. Our SongBase staff will also assist you in locating lyrics and chord charts to almost every song you might be using in your worship.

Life Saver One Year Support Plan $89.95 US

Much more than support (Increase the value of your purchase)

- Monthly new song chart "LIVE UPDATES" for popular worship songs
- Telephone Training
- Emergency Telephone service for all users of SongBase in your church
- Access to to share your own charts over the web!
- New program upgrades as they become available


For additional computers within your church. This also applies to those who are on worship teams. This "SUB" license is sold at a low price with the understanding and promise that it will only be used in a church that has a SongBase SITE LICENSE.

UPGRADE YOUR OLD SONGBASE for as little as $89.95 US (depending on the version you have and whether you continued with annual service and support)

If you have a copy of SongBase that was purchased 3 years ago or less then you can upgrade it for $89.95 US and receive the LIFE SAVER SUPPORT PLAN FREE for one year (see features above). The program comes with NO SONGS and you must import your old data file. The upgrade includes 200 new video backround images. If you are using an old "SUB" licensed copy the cost is $19.95 US provided your church has purchased the upgrade for the site license and paid the $89.95. This upgrade always comes with one year of technical support and new chord charts that we hand out monthly. You also receive one FREE administrator's access to where you can post your charts fo your team on the Web.

PLAN2003/2004 SONGS LIBRARY - if your program was purchased 3 years ago or less you may be missing one or both of these libraries of songs. During 2003 and 2004 some of the most memorable worship songs were released. Songs like HUNGRY and COME NOW IS THE TIME might be missing for your current system. Cost is $79.95 for this library.

REALLY OLD VERSIONS cannot be upgraded for these low prices and must be repurchased if they are more than 3 years old without having purchased the annual update services. Call for a quote if you are not sure. Each account is different so please call. Anyone who has not purchased our continuing support service and upgrades over a 4 year period will likely have to repurchase Songbase for the full amount so it's wise to keep up with the update service every year.

As Windows changes over the years some SongBase installations may cease to function. This is because of Windows updates that change your system files. You may have an old verison of Songbase that runs well on Windows 98 but won't run on XP. Because of this we have had to completely redevelop Songbase. The newest version of SongBase also has dozens of new features and is optimized to run on Windows XP and Windows 2000.