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We assume you have a copy of your old data or can make a copy of it. We will show you how to import that data into the new program.

NOTE: This method does not transfer "SONG ACTIVITY" data from the old program to the new program. If you need to include the Song Activity you must EXPORT the activity from the old program before you close down the old program.

Backup Your Old Data

Step 1: On the old computer open START > MY COMPUTER > Drive C:
Step 2: Locate the C:\SB2000 or C:\SONGBASEXP folder (depends on what version you had)
Step 3: Locate the file called SBDAT01.MDB (it should be 4 to 10 Megabytes in size)
Step 4: Copy this file to a CDR (burn it to a CD) or copy it to a USB JUMP DRIVE (memory stick)

  Importing Your Old Data

Step 1: Place the CDR or the Memory Stick into the new Computer
Step 2: The Drive will be designated drive D: or E:or F: etc.
Step 3: Open SongBaseXP
Step 4: Open SONGS
Step 5: Click the IMPORT button in the lower right of the DATA TAB
Step 6: Select (click) the option "ALLOW OVERWRITES"
Step 7: Click NEXT>>
Step 8: Locate the file SBDAT01.MDB on your CD or Memory Stick
Step 9: Click OPEN to import the songs.