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Can I run SongBase on more than one computer?

SongBase is licensed for one computer, however, you can purchase additional copies at a very low price ($75.00USD) for each additional copy you need. Others on your team can also get a copy of the lower price as long as they only use it within your church. We also offer a LAN price that allows up to 25 stations on a network.

Can I enter my own songs?

Yes. That's what SongBase is all about.

Does SongBase come with sheet music?

No. SongBase comes with text-based chord charts for over 600 of the most popular songs. these charts are used for accompaniment only and do not have a melody line. We suggest you look at to obtain sheet music and lead sheets. See our PRINTED REPORTS menu.

Can SongBase play full length MP3 files?

SongBase uses Windows Media Player to play all media files. While we do not provide full length MP3's you can make them yourself and "associate" them with the corresponding song in SongBase. This way, when you locate a song you can play the song while looking at the lyrics on the projector for congregation singing or by looking at the song's chord chart for practising. We supply 20 second audio samples from the CD for each song so you can get a "taste" of what the song sounds like.

What are the SYSTEM requirements to run Songbase?

It really depends on what you want to do. If you don't plan to run movie loops then you don't need a powerful computer. Please see our SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS menu page.

Can SongBase play movie loops and DVD with text overlays?

Yes. You can actually preset a song to run a movie when the song is displayed. You can also instantly run a movie at any time using our DVD Player. Of course you can que up a DVD movie scene and play it on demand. Most systems require a Video Codec to be installed and many of these Codecs do not permit DVD movie scenes to work with text overlays. All formats of MPEGS (Layer-1 and Layer-2) allow text overlay.

Can SongBase operate across a network?

Sure can. You need to have an optimized network that has been serviced by a professional to achieve the best results. User permissions tend to be a problem if they are not set up correctly.

Can I import my own charts from Word?

Not directly. Word does not store data in a regular manner so we can't write code to handle a million different styles of song entry. You can COPY and PASTE the text out of Word into SongBase. It might take you an hour to transfer 10 of your songs this way. It really depeneds on which font you used in Word.

Can I import my PowerPoint collection?

Yes. Only the text can be imported. the import procedure is much faster than retyping the songs. You have look at each song on it's own merrit and select the title, author, verses and copyright from the PPT text block and then click ADD TO SONGBASE. Quite a simple process really.

How many songs can I put into Songbase?

SongBase comes with over 600 popular charts and there are several thousand other songs avaialable in libraries we offer at additioanl cost. The only limit is the size of your drive and these days that means almost limitless. We suggest you keep it under 60,000 songs!

Can I import songs from CCLI SongSelect?

Yes. You can import single songs and you can import their lists of songs. For example you can select the SongSelect TOP 100 and import the whole listing with one click. You can also import such lists as all songs created by a certain author. Of course there are no chords with these songs - only lyrics.

Can I import SongSelect and other PDF sheet music files?

No, but you can "associate" these PDF sheet music files with a given song in SongBase and instantly access and open the file with a mouse click. As a matter of fact, you can associate any type of sheet music file as long as you have the software installed for that file. Think of FINALE or SCORCH for instance.

Will SongBase work with MEDIA SHOUT?

Yes. SongBase can export song lyrics to MEDIA SHOUT and also works with SongShow Plus through a PRO MODULE they supply.

How does SongBase compare to Worship Software?

Integrity's Worship Software is written in Microsoft Access as is SongBase. It is a massive program designed for keeping track of just about everything in a large church worship department. It has about 1100 transposable lead sheets and and additional 4000 song lyrics (no Chords) from the Integrity song books. Many of the songs in the listing of 12,000 songs are repeated many times because they appear in different books. The lyrics and lead sheets can not be altered but you can add your own "lyrics" to create new songs. You cannot add more chord charts because Worship Software is not meant for storing chord charts.

SongBase, on the other hand, is very powerful and much simpler to operate and it includes a VideoPresenteR which is absent in Worship Software. We offer 600+ popular transposable and editable chord charts. Furthermore, SongBase is integrated with a "web-based" song archive that you can access and set up your own portfolio of chord charts for sharing with your team over the NET. see

How does SongBase compare to WORSHIP-LIVE

Worship-Live has several similar features as Songbase. It stores charts and lyrics and has a transposer. It does not come with any songs however except for some sample public domain songs.