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SongBase Demo
(All features are Fully Operational for 30 days)

105 Megabytes-Full Version (For Windows 98/ME/XP/2000)
This demo can be activated after purchase. The songs database can then be downloaded and imported.
Older version 3.16.13q for (Windows XP) THis installer works on most computers including Windows 7 but you should then upgrade to the Windows 7 version of SongBase by running this upgrade immediately after installing 3.16.13q. Win7 upgrade

The demo is fully functional and runs for 30 days . It has 35 sample songs. You can enter your own lyrics and charts and continue to use them after the purchase of the software. We offer free telephone training for demo users. We'll have you up and running in about 5 minutes.

This demo can be fully activated upon receiving an Activation Code from DASAN Research Corporation - by ordering the software. If you attempt to download this size of file through a dial-up connection (2 hours) you may find the file becomes corrupted due to a poor telephone connection. We suggest you use ASDL or cable (5 minutes)..

Warning: Some users report that SongBase will not install after downloading. This has always been because their Internet connection could not sustain a clear link to the web over a long period of time. Please retry the download. If it still does not install then you'll have to order the Demo CD.

  Demo Movies

SongBase Movie Demo (3.8 Megabytes)
VideoPresenteR Movie Demo (6.2 Megabytes)

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